Asthma Level 5 Open College Network (OCN) NI accredited


12 Credit Value.

100 Guided Learning Hours.

Course Dates:

This course is covered over the following dates:

  • Day 1 Tuesday 10th Jan
  • Day 2 Tuesday 7th Feb
  • Day 3 Tuesday 7th March
  • Practical Examination Day Tuesday 4th April
  • Written Examination Day Tuesday 25th April

Registration from 8:30AM – all dates are compulsory.


Course Aim:

Unit purpose and aim(s): This unit will enable the learner to understand the underlying pathophysiology and aetiology of Asthma, be able to accurately diagnose and optimally manage the condition as per the most up to date evidence practice based protocol.

Learning Outcomes:
  1. Understand the underlying pathophysiology and disease aetiology of asthma
  2. Know how to use the diagnostic objective and subjective assessments required to accurately diagnose asthma in line with current guidelines 
  3. Understand the pharmacological pathways for the management of accurately diagnosed asthma 
  4. Understand the potential impact of inhaler technique and adherence
  5. Be able to accurately demonstrate the correct use of inhalers
  6. Understand how to recognise and manage deteriorating asthma 
  7. Be able to recognise severe, acute or life-threatening asthma 
  8. Understand how to manage current and avert potential asthma attacks 
  9. Reflect on current practice and its association with asthma deaths
Suitable for:

For all registered Healthcare professionals caring for asthma patients in the primary, secondary or community care setting.

Mode of Delivery
  • This 12-week course comprises of:
    • Four compulsory days – 3 full days – delivered either via ZOOM or face to face (post COVID-19) and 1 Assessment Day
    • 1 additional non-compulsory evening will also be offered
    • E-Learning
    • In order to gain OCN NI accreditation – written, practical and e-learning assessments must be successfully achieved
Assessment method:
  • Completion of an Online module and aligned MCQ.
  • Two reflective case studies – one at four weeks and the second at week 12. These will ask the learner to critically analyse an aspect of care that was historically provided, identifying areas for improvement as per relevant guidelines
  • On the assessment day: 
    • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
    • Four short answer questions – where the learner will be asked to answer two
    • Practical assessment – Accurate demonstration of two inhaler devices selected by the assessor
  • The completion of an active practice protocol is mandatory for both asthma