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Respiratory Examination and Chest Auscultation (Certified)

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About this course

This is a one-day facilitated session suitable for all Registered Nurses working in  General Practice  and Primary care settings who wish to gain or update their skills in chest auscultation. The session will be led by an experienced facilitator who is a clinical specialist in primary care.  

This course will take place face to face. 

Venue: TBC 

The day will cover:

  1. Revision
    1. Landmarks on the chest - how to locate findings
    2. Lobes of the lungs - where we listen to
    3. The control of breathing
  2. Examination of the respiratory system
    1. Inspection
    2. Palpation
    3. Percussion
    4. Auscultation - listening to various chest sounds and their meaning

Please note that lunch can be purchased on site if required. 

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