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Inhaled Therapies and Devices - Level 4 (OCN NI Accredited)

Course Aim 

This unit will enable the learner to gain an in-depth understanding of inhaled therapeutic interventions and the delivery options currently available for the management of obstructed respiratory conditions – asthma and COPD as per relevant up to date guidelines.

12 – guided learning hours

Learning Outcomes 

  • Understand the relationship between the respiratory system and inhaled therapy. 
  • Understand what types of inhaler devices are currently available. 
  • Understand the rationale for choosing a particular device.
  • Understand the impact of inhaler technique.
  • Be able to recommend appropriate devices bespoke to the individual patient’s needs.
  • Be able to demonstrate and assess optimal inhaler technique for each device.   


This is suitable for all Registered health care professionals responsible for managing patients with obstructive respiratory conditions, primarily asthma and COPD.

Course Contents 

  • This course will comprise of one full teaching day – which is compulsory - delivered either via Google classroom or face to face – this will be confirmed at the time of booking. 
  • 1 additional non-compulsory consolidation evening will also be offered.
  • To achieve the OCN NI level 4 accreditation – the student must successfully complete a practical assessment and submit a portfolio of all inhalers – explaining the pros and cons of each device and be able to explain, demonstrate and assess optimal inhaler technique for each device. 
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