CPR and Defibrillation (Certified)

About this course

CPR, Defibrillation, acute severe or life-threatening asthma attack and Anaphylaxis training/updates for Clinical and non-Clinical staff who have direct contact with patients.

This is a two-hour facilitated training session suitable for all clinical and non-clinical staff working in a primary care setting. The training will be led by an accredited, experienced first aid facilitator from a clinical background.

The sessions cover:

  1. Prompt Recognition of:
    1. Cardiac arrest
    2. Anaphylaxis
    3. An acute severe or life-threatening asthma attack.
  2. Prompt Appropriate Action in line with up-to-date Resuscitation UK guidelines:
    1. ABC D & E assessment – as appropriate
    2. CPR
    3. Defibrillation
    4. Management of anaphylaxis and acute asthma attacks.

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